Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep on keepin on

Hey all, it's been a while since the last post.  In that time, I've been trying to keep logging miles (hard to do with the arctic weather we've been having), riding the rollers a lot (hard to do because it bores me to tears, and that mixes with my sweat and makes my eyes hurt), keep up with my research and teaching at the Naval Academy (hard but fun, and I get to work with great people), and trying not to eat too much (hard to do, so I'm not).

I've got some cool ideas on articles to write, I bought a new bike (well frame and gruppo) that will be my rain bike that I'm excited to post about, and I'm looking forward to the spring season (both mine and the pros) getting started.

In the meantime, while I dig myself out of winter hibernation, head over to the Durham Cycles blog to check out their take on things.  In it, Dave, Geoff and Scottie share some unique thoughts on a broad range of topics ranging from saddle height, bike geometry, and the pros and cons of different wheel types.  Also, they gave my an award.  Rad.

Stay tuned, things are about to pick up again.

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