Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strava on Android is still dumb

I forgot my MotoActv at the significant other's house over the weekend.  Since she was out of town for a few days,  I fired up my smartphone for my ride yesterday.  Upon opening the Strava app, I noticed that it sported a fancy new look.  "Oh hooray," I thought, "they must have fixed the random crashing problem".  So after starting a new track, I set off on my normal Durham-Carrboro-Chapel Hill-Durham loop.

I checked the phone several times on the ride, and the phone was humming along swimmingly.  Feeling confident, I rode on.  When I got home, I realized the app had stopped recording five miles from home.  @$%!!$.  So I guess I'll be continuing to use Mytracks or MotoActv for the time being.  Also, for all those MotoActv users who are looking to convert their .csv tracks to Strava readable .tcx format, here's a fun little app I found.

Anyway, here's most of yesterday's ride.  Note that there's a small detour necessary on NC10 due to construction.

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