Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking my talents to the District and other assorted news.

Thesis: check.  Defense: check.  Doctoral Degree: Approved.  I've survived, and my career as a Ph.D. student has come to an end.  Next time I step into a classroom, it will most likely be to teach.  I'll be taking a job at the Naval Academy starting in July, first as a postdoc, and hopefully in a year or so as an Assistant Professor.  Therefore, I'm officially announcing my free agency to all cycling clubs in the DC area.

I'm looking to get into road racing seriously in the next year, look for me aboard the Fuji Team Pro, most likely decked out in full DA gruppo soon.  To that end, a couple of things are happening:

1.) I've started logging all my rides and runs on Strava.  I'd love to see how I stack up, so come try and take some of my KOMs.  Follow me here.  I'm doing this with my phone as well as with a MotoActv that just came in for review.  Look for the review soon.

2.) The Hammerhead 100x is going up for sale.  It's been a loyal and trusty race bike for two seasons, competing in two full XC and endurance seasons, as well as logging a Burn24 and a 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  It's also been my full time trail bike.  The handling is telepathic, and the PUSH'd shock is as good as any modern day Fox RP23.  It's not a 29er, but with a skilled rider, it's deadly fast.  If you or anyone is interested, feel free to get a hold of me.  I'd prefer to sell local, but will ship to a serious buyer.

I'm looking to start posting regularly from here on out.  Things are gonna get shaken up, and I can't wait.


  1. MotoActiv that just came for review? So you're a product reviewer now?

  2. Sure am. Look for a comparison test of chain lubes coming soon too!